Friday, July 3, 2009

Sweet Inspiration by Tierney Linn

Title: Sweet Inspiration

Author: Tierney Linn

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Published date: 2007

ISBN: 978-1-59578-378-3

Genre/Theme: Contemporary

Length: 49 pages

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Recently divorced romance writer Shelby O’Neill is burnt out and ready for a change. She packs up everything she owns and moves to Florida hoping new scenery and a change in climate will inspire her. When she’s caught accidentally watching her gorgeous neighbor having sex, she knows instantly he’s the key to ending her creative dry spell. She’s inspired to sit down and write for the first time in a year. The man is a god and quickly features as the new hero in her book. NFL star Christian LaCroix is outraged when he catches the woman next door spying on him while he’s having sex and is sure she’s just another celebrity-hounding journalist looking for a story. When he confronts her and discovers she’s nothing more than his new neighbor, he is immediately attracted to her feisty attitude and shapely figure. Shelby is nothing like the usual groupies he encounters and he pursues her with a vengeance. Her block is a thing of the past as she writes about each sexual encounter with her new lover. Given his feelings for journalists, Shelby is careful not to let Christian know she has cast him as the hero in her new book, much less that each caress, every kiss, and passionate embrace is inspiration for her writing. Shelby is sure this new romance novel is going to be the best she’s ever written thanks to her gorgeous lover—until Christian accidentally discovers her secret. Quickly she realizes that she’s lost her heart to this fierce man and that he’s more important than any bestseller. Shelby must prove that her deception was harmless but it’s up to Christian to trust his heart and accept the love Shelby offers.

As a writer myself, I can relate to Shelby’s muse-less state. I only wish my muse found its way back in such an erotic way! Watching her huge, sexy neighbor having sex from afar on New Year’s Eve, Shelby’s life takes an interesting turn from recently divorced and unable to write, to excited and creative. Christian unknowingly provides all the fodder she needs for a new book as he introduces her to a world of passion she’d never experienced except through her books. Unfortunately, Christian makes his hatred for the media very clear and Shelby’s intuition keeps her from revealing to him that he has the starring role as hero and sex god in her latest story. When he finds out, he’s furious. I loved the way Tierney Linn manages to fuse hot sex with tenderness. If she hadn’t, the forgiveness by the end of the story would not have seemed believable to me. Christian is a very sexual man with a romantic side. Shelby is a giving woman, willing to give love a second chance. If you want an erotic read with sweet elements, this is a great story for you.

Rating: 4.5

Heat Level: Very spicy

Other: voyeurism, public sex, masturbation

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