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Sinful Treats by Violet Summers

Title: Sinful Treats
Author: Violet Summers
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Published date: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59578-496-4
Genre/Theme: Erotic Romance
Length: 41 pages
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Ever wonder about the people who work and the customers who frequent the sex club Velvet Ice?
Kendra came to the club to help her best friend celebrate her 21st birthday, on Halloween no less. Her curvy body dressed as a she-devil, her normally sane self agrees to try and gain access to the third floor. With securities distraction she makes it into the forbidden and mysterious playground.
Sinclair is ready to drag the woman back down the stairs where she belongs but finds himself drawn to her. The fascination on her face as she explores the scenes going on around her enthralls Sin. He knows she's a born Submissive and his attraction to an obvious novice is a big no-no.
Kendra gets herself into trouble with a more experienced Dom and its up to Sin to come to her rescue, but he isn't about to let her go. She came to explore a night of wild fantasy and Sin is the person to show her exactly what it means to belong to a man like him.
I will start off by saying that I LOVED this book! This short story by Violet Summers had that transient something that grabs you and makes the story believable and enjoyable. Kendra was this shy woman who wasn’t sure of herself until Sinclair came along and taught her and showed her everything missing. I really enjoyed watching her grow into a more confident woman who was comfortable with her sexuality and being a submissive. The plot of this story, wow, you can tell that the author planned this out, or has some major writing skills that most writers are lacking.
This author just keeps getting better with her stories. The characters are like people we know so well. This is a superb story and although it seems like a “typical” storyline. It’s not. Ms. Summers knows how to take a storyline that has been used in the past and make it her own, make it unique and something the readers will not be expecting. I highly recommend this book to readers.
Rating: 5 Smacks
Heat Level: Explicit
Other: BDSM, Spanking, Sex Club
Reviewer: Tonya Callihan

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