Friday, July 3, 2009

Forbidden Island by Samantha Gentry

Title: Forbidden Island
Author: Samantha Gentry
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (The Wilder Roses)
Published date: July 2009
Genre/Theme: Erotic Scarlet Rosette (contemporary)
Length: Novella (49 pages)
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When Chantal Stevens first laid eyes on Murphy Abbot, it was at her college graduation. The moment she looked into his eye and shook his hand, the fantasies ran rampant through her mind and would do so for the next ten years. Fast forward ten years and Chantal is determined to seduce Murphy and plans to deceive him in order to find out if reality will live up to the fantasies she has been having all these years.

Forbidden Island had a very sexually stimulating plot line. Who wouldn't want to go back and answer all the "what ifs" that ran through their minds through the years about someone from their paths. Chantal's character was a woman bound and determined to get answers to her questions. Murphy's character was that hot rich industrialist who I couldn't help but get weak in the knees for. In just a short time, I was able to take a peek into the lives of these two very sensual people.

Forbidden Island is a very erotic and sultry read. Ms. Gentry paints a breathtaking portrait of an island that was like no other. I did feel as though this book centered on the sexual aspect of their lives and the majority of the book was about their sexual escapades. There was not that much of a plot to this book which saddened me because I believe Chantal and Murphy's characters had such a potential to flourish in this book. I would have liked to see a little less of the sexually explicit scenes and more of the relationship building throughout the story.

If you are looking for a stimulating and sexually arousing read, then this is the book for you. It's short enough to read when you have just a few moments and you want to find a book to escape into. I do look forward to reading more of Ms. Gentry's work.

Rating: 3 smacks
Heat Level: Explicit
Other: m/f anal play
Reviewer: Elizabeth

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