Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forbidden Island by Samantha Gentry

Title: Forbidden Island
Author: Samantha Gentry
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Published date: July 2009
Genre/Theme: Contemporary Romance
Length: 49 pages

Where Murphy Abbott is concerned, Chantal Stevens can't stop asking herself...what if? Chantal met the incredibly sexy industrialist when he gave the commencement speech at her college graduation. He was polite and charming, yet the promise of ecstasy in his eyes mesmerized her. The moment he shook her hand, she knew she wanted to know every way possible.Now, ten years later, Chantal misrepresents herself to finagle an invitation to his isolated and very private Carribean island in order to seduce him and finally discover the answer. One thing she failed to consider...Murphy might have a hidden agenda of his own.

This was reviewed earlier by one of Mistress Bella’s reviewers…and she didn’t seem much more excited about this story than I did. It’s very hot and sexual, but seriously, I felt it was also full of gratuitous sex. Yes, the two main characters had thought about each other over the years, but to fall in bed within minutes of seeing each other? A bit over the top…and then to have it smack of “I love you, man”…it just didn’t ring quite true. This author is wonderful, I’ve read her other stories (wow, check out Summer Sizzle from Cobblestone!)and I’ve been totally drawn in, but this one…not so much. If you want lots of very hot, sensual, sexual scenes, this will totally fulfill your wishes. Otherwise, check out the author’s other stories…

Rating: 3
Heat Level: Spicy
Other: Anal play, oral sex

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Executive Positions by KyAnn Waters

Title: Executive Positions
Author: KyAnn Waters
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published date: August 2009
Genre/Theme: Erotic contemporary
Length: 36 pages
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Four years of foreplay is enough...
Avril Blanco experiences several positions with a sexy, driven executive in the advertising firm of William Carver. The complication... Monday morning the determined and powerful man will be her boss.
Ian Carver is taking over as CEO for his ailing father. His first executive decision—renegotiate Avril’s job description. He’s looking for a partner, in and out of bed.
But will she risk the reputation of sleeping her way to the top?

This was a thoroughly enjoyable quick read, I loved the flirty, teasing dialogue and foreplay between Avril and Ian. The sex was hot and set nicely with a Chicago snowfall as a backdrop, which I found really appealing since I used to live near there. Ian was a very likeable guy as well as being a hottie and Avril had the right amount of ambition and drive that didn’t come across as ultra feminist and was sexy, as well. All in all, I don’t think any reader will be disappointed with Executive Positions.

Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: Spicy
Other: oral sex

Taking Advantage by Larry Hammersley

Title: Taking Advantage
Author: Larry Hammersley
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Published date: 2009
Genre/Theme: Vintage Rose
Length: 39 pages

Zack Thompson has been crazy about Gloria Garner ever since she came to Sheffield High in their freshman year. She's been elected basketball queen four years running and only dates the three top athletes. How can Zack compete for Gloria's hand when he's no good at sports and lacking in the looks department? And as if that weren't enough, Gloria has a super strict mother who has to approve her daughter's every date. Does Zack's excellence in academics and his gentlemanly conduct count for anything?
I’ve never read a Vintage Rose story before and I have to say, I loved Taking Advantage! The story was very sweet and even though I was born long after the era this story is set in, it made me nostalgic for the innocence of my own childhood, when things really were simpler. Add to that fact, the non-jock gets the popular girl, just because he’s a nice guy and she sees that in him, makes the story all the sweeter. A must read if you like to take a little trip back in time!
Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: Sweet

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eternal Triangle by Ann Jacobs

Title: Eternal Triangle
Author: Ann Jacobs
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Published date: August, 2009
ISBN: 9781419922732
Genre/Theme: Paranormal Menage BDSM
Length: 51 pages

Chad LaLanne, a mortal Master who can't provide his newly made vampire slave's only sustenance. Philippe d'Argent, a lonely vampire submissive who needs another loving Master to make him whole. Katie, newly made vampire who needs her mortal Master…but also a vampire male to protect and sustain her.
With the vibrant and mysterious bayous of Cajun Country as the backdrop, the three begin an intense ménage—a time of testing, of exploration, leading to the breaking of the physical taboos of one and the emotional surrender of another. And ultimately, learning to trust another, when those they hold most dear are at risk. Theirs is a relationship born of need, sustained by love…and bonded into an eternal triangle when the Master joins his lovers in their shadow world, where all manner of relationships can thrive without prejudice or shame.
I enjoyed this book, it was highly erotic, well-written but with just enough romantic elements that I crave to make a story succeed for me. I especially enjoyed the character building of the males, Chad and Philippe, their emotions and personalities were both believable and sensual. Chad had issues that his mortality would forever chain him to and Philippe came into the story damaged but willing to start a new life as both a submissive to Chad and companion/protector to Katie. My only regret was that Chad’s transition from mortality to vampirism was glossed over. For me, it’s all about the details. I know this book is part of a series so perhaps the author went into greater detail about this transitioning elsewhere. Regardless, this was a emotional, sensual read and didn’t disappoint.

Rating: 4
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: m/f/m, anal play, oral sex, BDSM

Best Unspoken by Bryl R. Tyne

Title: Best Unspoken
Author: Bryl R. Tyne
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Published date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60592-034-4
Genre/Theme: M/M
Length: 18 pages
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Twenty-five year old social butterfly, Levi Finley couldn't be more
mismatched for his middle-aged, introverted counterpart, biomedical tech, Rob Langston. What happens when two so utterly opposite men come together? Besides the hottest sex in Levi's young life? Throw in one opinionated mother, misunderstanding friends, and one hell of a birthday party at the wildest, gentleman's gentlemen club in town, and friction, a notch above wild, is bound to ensue. Will Levi allow doubts to destroy their relationship? Not if Rob has any say in the matter. But that might not be as easy as it sounds, considering Rob's preferred communication is always best unspoken.

This packed a lot of erotica in a short story! Due to Rob’s non-communicative nature, he and Levi’s relationship appears complicated and weird to Levi’s friends but Levi knows Rob unlike anyone else. The author does a great job of portraying Rob as the strong, silent lover but once behind closed doors, he becomes a sensitive partner for Levi. While Levi did allow his friend’s doubts to color his view of Rob during an especially inebriated birthday celebration, Rob’s love for him brought him back around, showing him that Levi’s friends didn’t have a clue about who the real Rob was. A very nice read!

Rating: 3.5
Heat Level: Erotica
Other: M/M, anal play, oral sex, voyeurism

Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise Party by Lisette Kristensen

Title: Surprise Party
Author: Lisette Kristensen
Publisher: Eternal Press
Published date: August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-926704-39-5
Genre/Theme: Erotic
Length: 22 pages
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Ever since Devin came into Jocelyn’s life he changed her into the person that he wanted her to be. Than he left her and she retreated into herself even more. Once a fun loving and ever daring woman now she has turned into a quiet demure girl. Far from the person she once was.

Tired of seeing Jocelyn suffer. Her best friend Beth decides to take things into her own hands and invites Jocelyn to a surprise party. Beth finally gets Jocelyn to agree to go with her to the party. The party turns out to be a surprise all right. The two women drive out to a mansion and once inside Jocelyn is awed at what she sees. Numerous men and woman in all states of undress and in the midst of many different actions. All the woman are wearing just thongs and stilettos and everyone is wearing masks. As it turns out the party is a BDSM party.

Even though she is apprehensive at first. Jocelyn begins to remember herself in the years past and she decides to give it a try. Finally she lets herself go and enjoys just feeling. Jocelyn begins to find her backbone again. She is starting to regain back just what Devin has taken away from her. Jocelyn had somehow lost herself and is now on the way back to finding her spirit once again.

I enjoyed seeing Jocelyn come back to life and find herself again. Having a good friend like Beth by her side while she did it was nice to see as well.
This story is a quick read with a good flow. Lisette Kristensen keeps the reader interested from the start to the finish. It is definitely a page-turner with very strong characters. I would love to see more adventures of these two friends and many of the people at the party with them.

Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: BDSM
Other: f/f, M/F, voyeurism, BDSM,
Reviewer: Gabrielle

The Man in the Mirror by Jo Barrett

Title: The Man In The Mirror
Author: Jo Barrett
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published date: 8 /5/ 2009
ISBN: n/a
Genre/Theme: Contemporary romance fairy
Length: 40 pages
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Throw together Connor who has been cursed to live in a mirror by a sea witch and Torri who has just broken up with her boyfriend and is heartbroken. Than we can watch the magic happen.
Tori has recently bought the mirror in which he resides in and soon Connor realizes that he has feelings for Tori and must somehow reach out to her.
Finally one night Tori actually hears Connor speaking to her. Once she realizes he is in the mirror the fun begins. He than is given one month to get her to love him with her whole heart or he must return to the mirror for all eternity.
From a horrible blind date to a confrontation with a sea witch this story has love and magic for all to enjoy.

It was nice to see the development of each of the two characters. Will Connor learn his lesson and come to his understanding about love and what it really means to have it and give it freely. Can Tori grow as well? Will she realize what it means to love and be loved?
Even being heartbroken over her ex-boyfriend Tori is still a feisty and brave woman and Connor is a great man. The author endears Connor to the reader and has you cheering him on in his battle to win Tori.
The Man In The Mirror by Jo Barrett is a sweet story about finding and keeping true love. It is a quick read that warms your heart. I truly enjoyed the flow of this book it never seemed rushed along at all. I defiantly will be looking for more from this author.
My only problem with this story was that it was over so soon. I fell into their world and enjoyed myself so much that I hated to see it end.

Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: spicy
Other: m/f
Reviewer: Gabrielle

Monday, August 3, 2009

No More Than Friends by Chelle Hicks

Title: No More Than Friends
Author: Chelle Hicks
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Published date: August 12, 2009
Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Length: 11 pages

Helping her best friend Quinton fix up his new house has Brit wanting to help herself to something more. At college, she laid down the ground rules between her and Q: no more than friends. Now, eight years later, Brit is ready to test the theory "best friends make the best lovers." But Q has some ground rules of his own.

This story started out hot and kept getting hotter and for a quick read, this totally satisfied me. I especially liked seeing so much of the emotion from the male perspective and the author did a great job of keeping Q’s feelings believable. I definitely recommend not only this story but keeping an eye out for future stories by Chelle Hicks!

Rating: 4.5Heat
Level: Spicy