Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thief of His Heart by Carrie Destler

Title: Thief of His Heart
Author: Carrie Destler
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published date: 7-29-09
Genre/Theme: Contemporary
Length: 47 Pages
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The last thing Jade Hollister expects to find while shooting Wildlife pictures are modern day pirates. When she is spotted taking the pictures, she tries to run but finds no matter what she tries, she just can't get away. When captured, a man named Roarke claims ownership of her to "protect her". Well, he sure doesn't act like your typical pirate. Jade has had enough bad luck with men and refuses to think that this bad boy is any different. How will she handle it when Roarke is finally arrested? Will she be able to testify in court?

Jade's character was strong willed and brazen. Being the only woman surrounded by nothing but men, does not discourage Jade from saying what she wants to say or devising a plan to escape. The only problem Jade has is getting over her attraction to Roarke. Poor Jade just couldn't catch a break! With every attempt she tried to make to escape, it was like Roarke could read her mind and was one step ahead of her the entire time. With an amazing sense of humor and smoldering good looks, Roarke was not your everyday foul smelling, ugly as sin pirate. He actually took time to take Jade's needs into consideration. The relationship that Jade and Roarke have is smart, humorous and oh so hot.

Ms. Destler writes with such humor and intelligence. And although this book is short, she manages to cover a lot of emotions within a short period of time. I really enjoyed the time that I spent reading Thief of His Heart because it was so incredibly funny. The end, SIMPLY AMAZING! What a twist of events. I give Thief of his heart 5 smacks for being a highly entertaining read. If you want a short read and a lot of laughs, this book is for you. Beware, Thief of His Heart comes with one sizzling hot pirate! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

Rating: 5 smacks
Heat Level: Hot
Other: m/f
Reviewer: Elizabeth

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