Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Timing by Rusty Wicks

Title: Timing
Author: Rusty Wicks
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Published date: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59578-371-4
Genre/Theme: Menage
Length: 40 pages
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It’s said that timing is everything, but does that hold true in the bedroom, too? Tom and Lisa are compatible in every way—or so Tom thinks. They love each other, have a great apartment and share so many mutual interests. Most people would think the couple has it all. And they do—almost. The truth is that Lisa hasn’t been feeling nearly as sexually satisfied as Tom thinks she has. He just doesn’t rock her world—in that way. When a handsome co-worker invites Lisa to his posh beach house for the weekend, she dutifully fills him in on Tom and her unavailable status. But John is gracious enough to extend the offer to include Tom in the weekend getaway, and Lisa accepts his invitation. After all, why shouldn’t they have some fun? Maybe a weekend of sun, sand and sex is just what the couple needs to get their urges in sync. At least, that’s what Lisa and Tom are hoping. And John? What’s making him grin is still a mystery, but one he’s willing to share—for a price.

I loved this story and for only being forty pages or so, it packed a lot of sex, emotion and realism. Lisa’s love for Tom and her frustrations in the bedroom, combined with Tom’s adoration and willingness to do whatever it takes to keep her happy were very satisfying. When her forward co-worker John hit on her, I was afraid Lisa would ruin everything for a tumble with him. Fortunately, she and Tom forged a friendship with John that ended up strengthening their own – in and out of the bedroom. A great read!

Rating: 4 Whips
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: M/F/M, ménage, oral sex

So Wrong, So Right by Starla Kaye

Title: So Wrong, So Right
Author: Starla Kaye
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Published date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60435-379-2
Genre/Theme: Cowboy Contemporary
Length: 44 pages
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Sweet, plain small-town Kansas librarian, Callie Anderson has the major hots for sexy cowboy, Dirk Handley. And he feels the same about her, although he doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. After a night of amazing sex, he stops calling her, thinking he’s doing her a favor by not having any more contact with her. Instead, Callie thinks she disappointed him in bed and in typical librarian fashion, buys books and searches the internet to find out how to become the vixen she thinks he wants in a woman. Instead, she finds that while he enjoys the new and improved bedroom Callie, he never stopped thinking or wanting the original Callie Anderson.

I enjoyed this short story, it has lots of emotion and humor and the author did a great job of giving the reader a look at both the female and male perspective on attraction, romance and love. A must-read for anyone who loves a sexy cowboy!

Rating: 4 whips
Heat Level: spicy/erotic
Other: explicit sex

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Montego Lay by Helen Hart

Montego Lay
Helen Hardt
The Wilder Roses
Pub Date: September 2009
Genre: Interracial Erotic BDSM
Length: 36 pages
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Vacationing at a Montego Bay nude resort, Lisa Brooks finds herself volunteering in a bondage demonstration on the beach. She’d like to continue the instructions with the Jamaican native, but the gorgeous resort employee has other duties to perform. Though disappointed, Lisa accompanies a friend to an erotic casino night where the chips are free and redeemable for sex. A night for a mysterious encounter? If only she could buy the island hottie she really wants.

Talk about a spicy read. This book will have you panting from beginning to end. The chemistry between the characters is mind-blowing and enticing. I loved the plot of this story, a night of gambling for sex with a stranger, something about that just really captivates the reader and has you reading the book from the beginning to the end to find out what is going to go on with this unique plot. Ms. Hardt did an exceptional job taking this one-of-a-kind storyline and making it timeless and unforgettable. I’ll definitely be recommending this book to my family and friends.

Rating: 5 Smacks
Heat: Explicit
Other: explicit language, light bondage, and exhibitionism.
Reviewer: Holli Winters

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Love Most Haunted by Helen Pilz

A Love Most Haunted
Helen Pilz
The Wild Rose Press
Pub Date: 2009
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 55 Pages
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Follow the ghost hunting crew of TV’s Haunt and Seek, through the night as they investigate an English country manor and its infamous lover’s curse.

Show host, Valerie Eccelston, and historian, Dr. Ryan Hawkins, are mutually attracted, but their time to explore romantic possibilities is hindered as the resident ghosts keep the team busy. One ghost seeks redemption for killing his family, a lonely one waits for love, and the other three form a deadly triangle involving love, jealousy, and revenge. Val, Ryan, and the rest of the ghost hunting crew strive to help the spirits find their way back to love but first the mortals must wage a paranormal war against evil. Along the way, the hunters seek their own path to love.

This was a really interesting read. The chemistry between the hero and heroine was mind blowing. It’s a short read full of emotion, lust, and amazing sexual tension. Ms. Pilz has given us a great read, it’s one that has you questioning what is going to happen next? And then when something happens it’s off the radar, you don’t expect it. And I love that when it comes to a romance novel. This author is new to me and I will be checking out her backlist and looking forward to her future releases.

Rating: 4 Smacks
Heat: Spicy
Reviewer: Holli Winters

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Rosemary Thief by Fiona Law

Title: The Rosemary Thief
Author: Fiona Law
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published date: 2008
Genre/Theme: Fantasy Romance (Faery Rose)
Length: 26 Pages
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Megan's character was one who took pride in the food that she prepared. When she runs out of Rosemary, she finds the closest place to find the best is the Witch's house. When she is caught stealing some by the Witch's henchman Brock, she finds herself working off what she had stolen. She finds herself taken by Brock and wants to please him with her dishes. Can true love be found?

The Rosemary Thief is a book that I found to be very well written with the reader's comfort in mind. It is a very quick and intriguing read with such a sweetness to it that I couldn't help but recall the story days later. With such excellent imagery, I actually felt like I was there. This story had me laughing out loud at certain parts and I really loved Brock's character. The ending was perfect! I have never read any work by Ms. Law but based on The Rosemary Thief, I will go out of my way to read more of her work. If you have limited time to read and want a feel good feeling out of a book, I highly recommend The Rosemary Thief by Fiona Law. It's fun, it's sweet and it's a charming little read.

Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: Sweet
Other: m/f
Reviewer: Elizabeth