Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Infinite Possibilities by Maren MacRae

Title: Infinite Possibilities
Author: Maren MacRae
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published date: August 5, 2005
Genre/Theme: Paranormal/Vampire
Length: 21 Pages
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Magician Cade Hammond is devastated by a trick gone wrong when he loses his one and only love in a tragic accident. When he can take no more, Cade decides to disappear and walks away from the spotlight. When he meets a stranger one year later, he is faced with a woman with secrets and a urge to return to the spotlight. The only thing he must ask himself is, is he ready for a life that will never be the same again?

I enjoyed reading Infinite Possibilities as it was a fast paced and interesting read. I was intrigued right from the beginning where Cade loses the love of his life. Ms. MacRae does a wonderful job of adding emotion to the story which is hard to find in many short stories. She writes in a way that is informative and attention capturing. I felt like Cade dealt with some very real emotions such as grief, denial and acceptance. I give this book a rating of 4 only because at times it seemed to move a bit fast but with a short, it's almost inevitable. I would have loved to see this book in a longer form so I could have gotten to know the characters better. I recommend this book to all who need their daily literary fix of an emotion filled read. This book covers a lot in a very short amount of time. Kudos to Ms. MacRae for telling such a wonderful story that grips the heart and leaves a smile.

Rating: 4 Smacks
Heat Level: Spicy
Other: m/f
Reviewer: Elizabeth

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