Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two for Hire by Rie McGaha

Title: Two for Hire
Author: Rie McGaha
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Published date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60592-055-9
Genre/Theme: Erotic contemporary
Length: 53 pages
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Ian James was raised in the lap of luxury, but he was also raised knowing that
nothing worth having comes without working for it. Expected to follow in his
father’s footsteps and take over the law firm one day, Ian works as an errand boy
during the summer months between high school and college. One of those
errands sends him to a very young, very wealthy, and very sexy widow who has
plans of her own for Ian. When Ian discovers that older, wealthy women will pay
him for sex, becoming a lawyer is no longer in his future.
Gillian Carmichael needs a vacation, so when her best friend, Sylvia suggests she accompany her back home to Chicago, Gillian accepts. But when Gillian meets Sylvia’s brother, Ian, the attraction is instant. There’s just one little thing standing in the way . . . .

This story started with a bang (quite literally) and ended with a hopefully-ever-after. At least I hoped so! I loved Ian’s mental detachment from his job as a professional escort while also being a devoted family man. The kindness he shows his mother and sister were, for me at least, proof that he was a good guy regardless of his chosen profession and while he seemed somewhat callous about sex-for-hire, the author balanced it well with his personality and demeanor off the clock. Gillian was a nice match for him and though I didn’t get as much a sense of who she was, I liked her and wanted the relationship between her and Ian to progress. The final twist toward the end of the story actually made me laugh out loud. The sex was hotter than hot, too. This story is a definite read for anyone who loves to watch a nice love story grow.

Rating: 4.5 whips
Heat Level: Erotica
Other: Anal play, oral sex, BDSM

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