Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coffee, Tea or Mimi by Pheobe Madison

Title: Coffee, Tea or Mimi
Author: Phoebe Madison
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Published date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60592-044-3
Genre/Theme: Erotic contemporary
Length: 18 pages

When a blizzard grounds all flights out of Metro Airport, Mimi takes pity on a stranded passenger. Inviting the ‘stranger’ back to her place for the night presents the perfect opportunity for an erotic encounter of the best kind. Hot, mind-blowing sex on a cold winter's night.
This quick little story will definitely warm you up! Mimi has one thing on her mind and fortunately, one of her airline employer's passengers is thinking the same thing! The sex is fast and furious and with a nice kick at the end to make you smile. Recommended reading for anyone who likes a sexy stories that end well.
Rating: 4 whips
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: Anal play, masturbation, oral sex
Reviewer: Jillian

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