Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taking Advantage by Larry Hammersley

Title: Taking Advantage
Author: Larry Hammersley
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Published date: 2009
Genre/Theme: Vintage Rose
Length: 39 pages

Zack Thompson has been crazy about Gloria Garner ever since she came to Sheffield High in their freshman year. She's been elected basketball queen four years running and only dates the three top athletes. How can Zack compete for Gloria's hand when he's no good at sports and lacking in the looks department? And as if that weren't enough, Gloria has a super strict mother who has to approve her daughter's every date. Does Zack's excellence in academics and his gentlemanly conduct count for anything?
I’ve never read a Vintage Rose story before and I have to say, I loved Taking Advantage! The story was very sweet and even though I was born long after the era this story is set in, it made me nostalgic for the innocence of my own childhood, when things really were simpler. Add to that fact, the non-jock gets the popular girl, just because he’s a nice guy and she sees that in him, makes the story all the sweeter. A must read if you like to take a little trip back in time!
Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: Sweet

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  1. Thank you so much Valerie, for downloading my story and reviewing it. The old radio programs Zack listened to and the Lone Ranger radio are parts of my own past, but not the blond, sigh. I'm going to drop you a message via your personal address. You can read blurbs on my other stories in my signature if you like. Thanks again. Larry