Friday, August 21, 2009

The Man in the Mirror by Jo Barrett

Title: The Man In The Mirror
Author: Jo Barrett
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Published date: 8 /5/ 2009
ISBN: n/a
Genre/Theme: Contemporary romance fairy
Length: 40 pages
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Throw together Connor who has been cursed to live in a mirror by a sea witch and Torri who has just broken up with her boyfriend and is heartbroken. Than we can watch the magic happen.
Tori has recently bought the mirror in which he resides in and soon Connor realizes that he has feelings for Tori and must somehow reach out to her.
Finally one night Tori actually hears Connor speaking to her. Once she realizes he is in the mirror the fun begins. He than is given one month to get her to love him with her whole heart or he must return to the mirror for all eternity.
From a horrible blind date to a confrontation with a sea witch this story has love and magic for all to enjoy.

It was nice to see the development of each of the two characters. Will Connor learn his lesson and come to his understanding about love and what it really means to have it and give it freely. Can Tori grow as well? Will she realize what it means to love and be loved?
Even being heartbroken over her ex-boyfriend Tori is still a feisty and brave woman and Connor is a great man. The author endears Connor to the reader and has you cheering him on in his battle to win Tori.
The Man In The Mirror by Jo Barrett is a sweet story about finding and keeping true love. It is a quick read that warms your heart. I truly enjoyed the flow of this book it never seemed rushed along at all. I defiantly will be looking for more from this author.
My only problem with this story was that it was over so soon. I fell into their world and enjoyed myself so much that I hated to see it end.

Rating: 4 smacks
Heat Level: spicy
Other: m/f
Reviewer: Gabrielle

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