Tuesday, June 30, 2009

French Tart by Sloane Taylor

Title: French Tart
Author: Sloane Taylor
Publisher: Eternal Press
Published date: September 2007
Genre/Theme: Contemporary Erotica
Length: 36 pages
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Donatienne Dubois is only trying to fulfill her dream and prove to her father once and for all that she can do something without causing trouble. Her first day of cooking school does not go as planned and she finds trouble or rather it finds her.

Mark Edwards is posing as an aspiring chef. He has been hired by Doni's father to watch out for her while she is in Paris and make sure she does not get into too much trouble. The question he must ask himself, will he be able to control his emotions around her long enough to help her?

Another great read from Sloane Taylor! This is the first book of this series and it starts the series off with a bang and high expectations of what’s to come next. The only thing I found awkward about this story was the heroine’s name, I wasn’t sure how to pronounce it but Ms. Taylor quickly cleared that up by calling her Doni. The characters were great and strong. The story was wonderfully written. The plot jumps up and grabs you by the arm leading you through this beautiful tale of two people falling in love. *Sigh*…the power of a romance novel! You must get the four books in this series and read them all! You are taken to a fantasyland in every single one. Ms. Taylor will be an author you quickly add to your list. I cannot wait to read more from her out of this series.

Rating: 4.5 Smacks
Heat Level: Explicit
Reviewer: Bella Wolfe

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